Daft Punk talk ‘Random Access Memories’ with GQ magazine x unbox LP [Video]


After an eight year gap between albums, Daft Punk has everyone screaming with excitement and clamouring for information on the duos future plans; is this their last album? Will they be touring again soon? GQ magazine managed to pin the pair down earlier in the year for a rare interview where they spoke on the new album and the process that got them there.

Since the release of their first single in years “Get Lucky” soared through the charts with the assist of Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers on the track, it would be a pretty safe bet to say that the album would be a sure fire hit as well, but that doesn’t stop the creative and talented duo from doubting themselves, comparing the album to a bad sequeal.

“In Scream 2, they have this discussion about how sequels always suck,” they explain. “The thing we can ask ourselves at some point is like: We’re making music for twenty years. How many bands and acts do you have that are still making good music after twenty years? It always sucks—almost always, you know?”

In a time where electronic music is growing increasingly popular – even making it into mainstream charts often – some could say Daft Punk would gain even more fans than before with their electronic sound this time around, but the pair have chosen to go against the grain and challenge themselves by going down a more Pop route.

“It’s always this thing where we’re constantly waiting for something that will come in electronic music that says, ‘Daft Punk sucks!’ That’s actually much more interesting and exciting than someone who is paying homage.”

When asked about the most crossover EDM and Dubstep artist Skrillex, both were quite complimentary and impressed. “Here’s someone that is trying to create something new and to not follow something. There’s an attempt, you know?”

With their upcoming album, Random Access Memories, Daft Punk will be making Pop music cool again as a throwback to the sound of their youth. They’ve stepped their game up a notch and will be trying their hand at different things, working with a number of talented musicians.

“In the history of pop music, a lot of great records cost an enormous amount of money. There used to be a time where people that had means to experiment would do it, you know? That’s what this record is about.”

Random Access Memories is out on May 20th. You can read the full interview here.


Bonus: Watch Daft Punk unbox their new LP in this creative clip.