Curren$y x Alchemist – ‘Covert Coup (Instrumentals)’ | New Music

In recognition of 4/20, New Orleans native and avid marijuana enthusiast Curren$y has released the all-instrumental version of last year’s Alchemist-produced Covert Coup mixtape — which was also released on 4/20. Trippy.

The release is just the appetizer to the MC’s latest project, Re-Conversionalize, dropping later today. The new joint is the sequel to Covert Coup and sure to be some great music to smoke to.

And while Spitta’s affinity for the stickiest of the icky is well-noted, he’s not one of these “weed rappers.” In fact, he told MTV on last year’s Smoker’s Day that he not only hates the term but also hates the artists who fall into the category.

“It’s fucked, I don’t like weed rappers,” he said. “I don’t like that category and I don’t like the muthafuckas who think it’s cool. If you’re cool with just being a weed rapper then just fuckin’ end it.”

That probably just blew some poor rapper’s high, but whatever.

Anyway, take a hit of the Covert Coup instrumentals below. Shit sounds pretty smooth — especially on weed.

Is it good to ya? If so, cop the CD here. How much is it, you ask? Why, $4.20, of course!