Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate | Album Review

Putting out even more mixtapes, EPs and albums than the number of “excuses” for Dr. Dre’s Detox delay, New Orleans spitter Curren$y can be applauded for a continuous work ethos which shows no sign of halting. Whilst a number of his projects are solid, the question remains as to whether the timely releases come at the cost of musical quality. Will Curren$y’s latest musical adventure The Stoned Immaculate maintain the high consistency of its predecessors?

Sounding like the ideal soundtrack for early summer nights, Spitta’s laid back, half awake rhymes slumber over the lounging, velvet productions on hand. “Privacy Glass” smoothly explores luxurious restaurants and penthouses, “Showrooms” employs both luscious piano keys and dirty bass to back up the rapper’s car shopping experiences and “Sunroof” cruises immaculately with more boasts from the N.O native.

With a close-knit circle of rappers and producers usually on hand for support, Curren$y invites a number of big names for The Stoned Immaculate. The first comes in the form of Maybach Music’s Wale for the champagne swigging “What It Look Like.”

Rapper of the moment 2 Chainz adds some more currency inspired rhymes to the jazz flute serenaded “Capitol,” Marsha Ambrosius gets her chance to bless a rolls royce-like Justice League production on “Take You There,” and there is yet another JETs and Taylor Gang co-sign with Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y declaring themselves in the winners circle on the raucous “No Squares.” Even ’90s west coast favourite Daz Dillinger hooks up Spitta with something, as he produces and collaborates with the JETs frontman on “Fast Cars, Faster Women.”

As with most offerings from Spitta, lyrical content remains elementary and lacking any real substance. Take away the exceptional production credits of The Futuristiks, Monsta Beatz and more and the lyrical merits left would be very minimal to hold ones attention. Hence the importance of collaborators and quality beats is mandatory for The Stoned Immaculate – and the contributions do help.

The Neptunes produced “Chasin Papers” (which also features Pharrell) adds an extra swagger to Curren$y’s money coveting offering, Estelle helps in expressing his long term affections for his suitor on “That’s The Thing,” and reunites again with Wiz Khalifa and southern breakout star Big K.R.I.T. for “Jet Life” which proves to be yet another solid link up between the trio, who also rhymed alongside one another on Khalifa’s “Glass Houses.”

Like many of the rapper’s prior works, The Stoned Immaculate is a musically enriched listening experience thanks mainly to the exotic, delicious instrumentals and samples which invite listeners to kick back and become immersed in its smoky, 1970s aura. Curren$y and co stick to the same formula of smoking, chilling and spending as their lyrical influence which suits the productions on hand. Yet due to the somewhat simplistic, hollow nature of rhymes, there is very little appeal in his the verses.

However, as an overall project, The Stoned Immaculate makes for a solid listening adventure due to its fun, carefree nature – a listening experience which doesn’t require a high concentration level to dissect rhymes nor a tolerance for wack beats. Curren$y may flood the market with material which won’t be heralded as classics but, for the short term, it most certainly does its job in keeping the faithful high off the musical vibes.

Curren$y – The Stoned Immaculate
Released: June 1, 2012
Label: Warner Bros.
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