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Let me introduce you to one very exceptional 19-year old Miami-based singer, songwriter and musician by the name of Cris Cab, who describes himself as a Reggae/Pop artist.

Now you might feel a sense of trepidation or skepticism after reading those last few words as I did when I first heard of his description. Maybe it’s the music snub in me, but having a white Miami kid referring to himself as a Reggae artist [or any derivative of] automatically has my guard up – but all that changed as soon as I listened to him. One of his fans recently described him as a mix between Bob Marley and John Mayer, and while we may not as bold as to say that, we 100% see where she was coming from.

He released his debut EP in the summer of 2011 to general critical acclaim. With a beautiful blend of reggae and Caribbean influences along with that much needed pop sensibility and likeability, his debut EP showcased Cris Cab’s amazing voice, songwriting dexterity [which stretched above and beyond his at the time, 18 years] and undeniable soul that exudes from the kid’s music.

You simply have to check out his unique and refreshing Reggae-infused covers of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow”, Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights” and Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kids” to realize the insurmountable bounds of talents bursting at the seams from Cris Cab.

It was no surprise then to learn that none other than Pharrell Williams had taken Cris Cab under his wings as one of his protégées and fast-forward to 2012, we are beginning to see the fruits of that partnership with Pharrell as brand new music from Cris Cab is beginning to appear left, right and centre so far this year.

Starting with the Pharrell-produced “One Thing,” the Wyclef Jean-produced “Put In Work” and the Mavado-featured “Rihanna’s Gun,” Cris Cab is fast garnering some genuine recognition and buzz around his music and mixtape Echo Boom, presented by none other than Billionaire Boys Club (the perks of working with Pharrell Williams).

DOWNLOAD: Cris Cab – Echo Boom Mixtape

Cris Cab online: / Facebook / @CrisCab / Soundcloud

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