Cosmodrome – ‘Cosmodrome EP’ | Album Stream

Remember season 4 of The Cosby Show? The opening credits had the Huxtables all suited and booted and dancing to the assorted vocal noises of a guy named Bobby McFerrin. That’s what I first think of when I hear dude’s name, but you might remember him most from his 1988 hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

Anyway, Bobby’s daughter Madison McFerrin also has the musical gift, but instead of making music with her mouth she fronts a four-piece band of musicians known as Cosmodrome, supplying the vocals to the funky soul sounds coming from Finnegan Bryan Singer‘s guitar, Charley Ruddell‘s bass and Taylor Robinson‘s drums.

L-R: Madison McFerrin, Taylor Robinson, Charley Ruddell, Finnegan Bryan Singer

Hailing from Boston, Mass., Cosmodrome bills their sound “a forward-thinking and eclectic blend of soul, funk, and hip-hop,” according to the band’s Facebook page. College friends who came together as an official band in 2011, the quartet’s self-titled three-track EP is the world’s first (but far from last) taste of the “stank face-inspiring” music they love to create.

Try it out below, and hit the download link to purchase.

[Props: OKP]

For more on Cosmodrome, check out the band’s Facebook page and Twitter feed!

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