Conor Maynard covers Drake’s “Crew Love” + “Marvin’s Room” in Toronto [Video]

The UK’s very own Bieber-eqsue pop sensation (and SoulCulture Get Familiar alumni) Conor Maynard continued his dazzling run of form covering Drake songs, in Toronto on Friday night.

Watch below as the highly-touted new talent performs a cover of Drake and The Weeknd‘s “Crew Love” as well as the brilliant “Marvin’s Room” cover [which now has close to 6 million views on YouTube] that launched his career good and proper late last year.

Before starting his “Crew Love” cover, Maynard describes Drake as a “massive inspiration” – which comes as no surprise given the number of impressive Drizzy covers which he’s uploaded to his hugely popular YouTube channel. Frankly, he sounds more at home on those covers than he does on his own more commercially-skewed singles. “Drowning” is still my tune though.

“Crew Love”:

“Marvin’s Room”: