Cocaine 80s – The Flower Of Life EP | Stream/Download

the cover of life

After encouraging our addiction with “Lucid”, “Fly Ass Pisces” and “Higher Self”, the Cocaine 80s collective (Led by producer No I.D. and comprised of exceptional musical talents including James Fauntleroy, Common, Jhené Aiko, Elijah Blake and more) unveil their latest EP release The Flower Of Life. Stream and download it below (and because they are so generous they have included their three previous EP’s, The Pursuit, Ghost Lady and Express OG, and select lyrics in the download zip).

Tracklist: Cocaine 80s – The Flower of Life EP

1. Kuro to Shiro
2. The Distant River
3. Ground
4. The Sun and the Moon
5. Fly Ass Pisces
6. Higher Self
7. Lucid

Stream: Cocaine 80s – The Flower of Life EP

Download: Cocaine 80s – The Flower of Life EP / Alt Link