Clipse vs. The Doors – Keys Open Doors [Mash-Up Album] | Stream x Free Download

Good mash-ups are hard to find, particularly in this internet age where everyone and their Auntie are SoundCloud DJs. Christopher B. and Frankie P have learned the very rule of thumb that The Neptunes have lived by over the years: anything with Pusha T and (No) Malice spitting over it makes good music. Especially when its material from The Doors backing those coke rhymes.

Keys Open Doors, an 11-track project produced by Frankie and conceptualised by Christopher, is exactly that. Mixing the smooth funk of rock band The Doors with some of the Clipse‘s most popular songs like “Mr. Me Too”, “Kinda Like a Big Deal” and their joint track with Birdman, “What Happened To That Boy”, this is a mash-up album that really shouldn’t go amiss for either sets of fans.

Stream and download below.

DOWNLOAD: Clipse vs. The Doors – Keys Open Doors [Mash-Up Album]