Chuck D to unveil fine arts project in protest of US immigration laws

Public Enemy front-man and Hip Hop pioneer Chuck D is set to unveil his first foray into fine art with a new arts project titled By The Time I Got To Arizona on March 4.

The provocative and explosive fine art collaboration in protest of US immigration laws was created with Ravi Dosaj from the creativity house SceneFour, who worked with Wu-Tang Clan‘s RZA on his 2010 painting Victory or Death , and is said to be “re-engineering a variety of traditional 20th century American imagery to create a frighteningly accurate portrait of a country eating itself.”

The project’s concept is further described as, “a future Arizona border created in a sophisticated collage utilizing a cache of recognizable figures (created over the last 100 years) to show how our “nation of immigrants” has been lost to legislation.”

The arts project is named after Public Enemy’s 1991 classic song, ‘By The Time I Get To Arizona’, replacing the word ‘get’ in the song’s title with ‘got’ to form the name of the new art piece and to depict a futuristic portrayal of “a future Arizona border”.

By The Time I Got To Arizona is said to be a continuation of where Chuck D’s latest music release ‘Tear Down That Wall‘ left off, in continuing to highlight the “one sided racist” immigration law in the state of Arizona passed in April 2010.

If you would like more details on this arts project before the public showing on March 4, you are advised to sign up exclusively at The Art of Chuck D.