Chris Brown vs Frank Ocean – the R&Beef continues… [Video]

From the internet to the streets.. The R&Beef between Chris Brown and Odd Future‘s Frank Ocean continues as this video has emerged on the web reportedly showing Chris Brown’s cousins chasing down Frank in his car, after he apparently ran from Chris at a dance rehearsal in LA.

Check the video below..  and if anyone can understand what is being said, please translate.

If you’re not aware of the twitter-beef between Chris Brown and Odd Future, it started off with this..

.. which Odd Future‘s Tyler The Creator took personally, tweeting this..

THEN last week, a compliment from Chris to Frank turned horribly wrong, resulting in these cyber shots..

It all got very petty but at least everyone used spell check.  R&B tweef is pretty rubbish really, but lets just hope no one gets beaten up. (or breaks out into a choreographed dance fight!)

The end.

[Video: WSHH]

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