Cher Lloyd’s new single “Want You Back” to feature X-Factor USA finalist Astro | Music News

With the news of her signing to L.A Reid’s label epic records was earlier in December, former X-Factor UK contestant Cher Lloyd is onto her next project already and set to take her music to the United States. Her next venture will include X-Factor USA finalist Astro. The mini rapping sensation who caught a buzz from the popular television talent contest will be featured on her next single Want You Back. The track will also be featured on the singer’s US version of her debut album Stick + Stones that has already been released in the U.K.

The singer seems excited but also more focused than ever as she said to the press: “He (L.A Reid) finds me quite funny. He said I am very outgoing and I say what I want and he likes that. He told me that I’m really fresh and he’s very excited. With the USA, I’m not going to run before I can walk. It’s quite a big thing to try and achieve but you never know what’s going to happen.”

Stay locked for the full track.

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