Captain Murphy reveals his true identity…

After weeks of furious debating on website comment sections and paragraphs of nonsense by people like me speculating that the enigmatic Captain Murphy is Tyler the Creator or Justin Bieber or whoever else pops into our head, hip hop’s man of mystery has finally stepped out of the shadows and revealed himself to be…
Nicki Minaj‘s new alter-ego.

Just kidding.

El Capitan is in fact, wait for it…Flying Lotus.

Yes, Steven Ellison, aka Flying Lotus, aka Brainfeeder’s wonderfully imaginative, genre-bending producer, has revealed that it was he who was the man behind the mask. Whilst many had speculated so, Murphy’s true identity was discovered after his debut performance at Low End Theory in Los Angeles last night, when the caped and hooded figure unveiled himself in full view of the crowd.

Very few artists can claim to have dropped TWO refreshingly dope albums in one year, but Steven Ellison/Flying Floatus, now a producer and a rapper, is a truly unique talent.

Download Captain Murphy’s debut mixtape, Duality, here.