Canibus fires shots at J. Cole on “J. Clone” | New Music

Hip Hop like no other genre of music has seen more than its fair share of beefs with some of the origins for said warfare ranging from the pathetic such as pro skateboarder Terry Kennedy dissing Lupe Fiasco, to the old street beef that started long before certain careers had kicked off such as 50 Cent‘s beef with Ja Rule. This… Canibus‘ reason for his new found “beef” [notice the inverted commas] with J.Cole can be placed right in the middle of the pathetic category.

According to a lengthy Facebook entry written by the Can-i-bus, his qualms with Cole stem from the fact that the Roc Nation recording artist, who on many occasions has said that the once revered emcee is his favorite Hip Hop artist of all time, has kicked off many of his shows playing old Canibus material which “subsequently” overlooks his current work and contributions that he directly benefits which in turn renders him “like an artist that has physically passed on.” *Blank Stare* Yeaaahh… me neither.

Listen… Canibus – “J. Clone” (J. Cole Diss) | DOWNLOAD

Dear Canibus… that fact that Cole references you both in interviews and at his shows HIGHLIGHTS your contributions to Hip Hop which (may or may not) continue to influence emcees of the younger generation. Question… What more do you want? He like many others including many of your former followers (such as myself) my NOT be a fan of your recent “contributions” and as a result we decide to REMINISCE by listening to your old sh*t. The fact that you placed audio from said interviews and then got two of your boys to jump on the track to diss him makes this whole thing look beyond petty.

There are millions of die hard J.Cole stans out there that take everything he says for gospel many of which may have NEVER heard of you. When he mentions you in interviews or at shows some of those fans may then jump on their computer and Google the name “Canibus” seeking to listen to your material (be it recent or old) which in turn may broaden your fanbase… No? So I ask once again… What More Do You Want? In years to come you will look back on this false beef with utter embarrassment.

If you’re going to pick a fight make sure that there is a valid reason behind it.

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