Cage – “This Place” | New Music


Cage is an artist with the ability to make you believe every meticulous syllable that descends out his mouth. Whether its drinking Moloko, dunking in embalming fluid or holding tight a tourniquet for his father, you feel something every step of the way.

“This Place” maintains this receptivity that has found itself a home to great success in all of Chris Palko’s music. Cage’s dark, twisted depressive thoughts are perfectly molded to the polar opposite beat, produced by long time collaborator Mighty Mi, to culminate Palko’s journey hopefully into a body of work worthy of Agent Orange. With added maturity, of course. Minus post-Stony Lodge angst, regrettably.

Matched with his previously released “The Hunt,” “This Place” produces well-deserved anticipation for his upcoming fourth album Kill The Architect – which “This Place” apparently will not feature on. That could be down in part to the sample; for the sharper eared of listeners you may recognise the Omega interpolation from a song you may of heard once or twice already…

Either way, check “This Place” out for yourself below.