Bumpy Knuckles x Nas x DJ Premier – “Turn Up the Mic (Remix)” | New Music

New York, stand up. If you’ve never heard a brolic cat get smooth, check out this new Bumpy Knuckles joint. On the “Turn Up the Mic” remix, the artist also known as Freddie Foxxx links up with Nas to put some cold, hard bars on Premier‘s smoothed-out, piano-driven boom-bap.

For a guy who earned his alias by whooping people’s asses, Bumpy Knuckles calms down very well. Yeah, he’s still talkin’ that hardcore street shit, but at least he doesn’t sound angry like he usually does. That’s probably about as smooth as Bump gets. And Nas? Well, he does what Nas usually does to Preemo beats.

“Turn Up the Mic (Remix)” will be on Bumpy Knuckles’ and DJ Premier’s KoleXXXion LP, dropping March 26. Listen below.

[Props: 2DBZ]

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