Bondax – “Giving It All” I New Music

British production duo Bondax have steadily been making quite a name for themselves, utilising garage, two-step and house elements amongst other influences, they have been laying down club tracks for the last few years. Following in a similar vein as Surrey-based brothers Disclosure, they are on the move upwards out of the clubs and into radio and chart territory with their new track “Giving It All”.

The track starts with some funky house synth stabs before a groove slowly shuffles in, taking on a Ibiza Chillout vibe. A female vocalist then enters the frame, layering her soulful take over the hook filled, upbeat chorus and continuing to provide shape to the track as it builds and drops over its three minute running time. “Giving It All” is sure to be a summertime hit on the dancefloor with its bouncing, funky feel. Take a listen below: