Blu & Nottz Announce “Gods In the Spirit” EP | News


After pinching myself numerous times and listening out for the annoying howls of the alarm clock, we can finally confirm (after a few teasing cues from HerFavColor) that Blu and Nottz will be uniting for a collaborative project.

Gods In The Spirit EP looks to descend from the heavens on October 22nd featuring Blu’s infectious wordplay, Nottz’ golden boom-bap snares and a whole bunch of friends. Artists such as Homeboy Sandman, Rashad, Aloe Blacc & Co$$ begin a long list of features for a 6-track EP but hopefully all this outside influence can reign in the aimless wanderings/tighten up the creative voyages of the Johnson Barnes we met back in 2007 with Below The Heavens.

Oh and as for Nottz? Well that’s a sure thing. Check the track list for Gods In The Spirit below.

01 Boyz II Men f. Nitty Scott, MC
02 Creme of the Crop f. Versis & ScienZe
03 Crooks in Castles f. ANTHM, Homeboy Sandman, Sene & Johaz
04 End of the World f. Rashad
05 God Shit f. Aloe Blacc, Co$$ & Definite Mass
06 End of the World (rmx) f. Nottz

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