Bipolar Sunshine – “Long.Live.A$AP” | Music Video

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Covers are a real hard thing to master. More times they’re shoved alongside the original and meticulously picked apart for every off pitch falsetto or hesitation. That is unless you’re talented enough to go all the way left and come out the other side with a totally contrasting take on the track.

Bipolar Sunshine is that ‘talented enough’ artist today. While not content with dealing with just one record, Manchester-based singer Adio Marchant fearlessly takes on three of A$AP Rocky’s hits at once; merging all three into a melodic, coherent piece over a string of mellow guitar strokes that shift the mood cleverly from the initial blueprint drawn by Rocky.

With the two brilliant previous releases “Fire” and “Rivers” being used as an introduction for this rising homegrown singer, this cover can be employed as a stopgap until Bipolar Sunshine’s debut EP Aesthetics drops on June 17th.

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