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“Lookin’ For Ya” was produced by Boi Wonda and it’s me, Dré, and Sleepy Brown—the Dream Team going back to “Playa’s Ball” and “I Can’t Wait.” They want to keep that from the fans, man, and I can’t have it. I won’t stand for that shit.” –Big Boi

We heard the snippet almost exactly one year ago on J Envy and Tapemasters Inc.’s new Purple Codeine Part 25 mixtape – and today, finally, the full version of the song leaks on the back of Big Boi’s complaints about Jive Records blocking Andre 3000 from featuring on his new album…

The track sounded dope back then with just Andre 3000 on it – but this new leak alongside Big Boi and Sleepy Brown makes your listening complete:

[audio:|titles=Big Boi ft Andre 3000 & Sleepy Brown – lookin-4-ya]

Big Boi tells how the track came about:

How’d “Lookin For Ya” happen?
I was outside the studio just chillin’ and Erik Sermon from EPMD rolled by the studio and said, “Yo, I got some music for ya.” I was like, “Word.” So he came in and played a beat, and then he played the Boi Wonda beat. I was like, “What’s that?!” So he was like, “We’ll let you get that one, then.”

The whole time I was working, Dré would come in and out of the studio. Like, he heard “Royal Flush” and said, “I wanna get on that.” And he heard, “Lookin For Ya” and said, “I wanna get on that.” The following day, he jumped on it. Two verses apiece, just raw lyricism. OutKast to the fullest. It was slated for the album. We tried to get everything solidified but Jive said, “Naw. Y’all can’t rap together.” Then I was going to take Dré off and make my own version, but then I thought, “No. Fuck that. If he can’t be on it, then I’m not using it.”

Did Dré do his verses at Stankonia or at a home studio?
Stankonia. Came right back the very next day and killed that shit. Matter fact, he put both his verses on there before I even had a chance to put anything on there.

Big Boi also expands on the whole situation with Jive Records [in a nutshell: the label are reportedly trying to blocking collaborations with Andre 3000 on Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son Of Chico Dusty because he took the album to Def Jam instead].Read the full Q&A at GQ


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