Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour lands in London | Live Review


World domination is an acceptable statement to make when reminded of all of the accomplishments Beyoncé has managed to slip under her belt within the first five months of this year alone. One achievement, probably not the most obvious, being the self-confidence that has rippled over from her stage persona, Sasha Fierce.

Renouncing her former stage title for the name she now finds most comfort in for her latest headline tour – Mrs. Carter – despite the title of her tour apparently causing an affront to feminists worldwide, the predominantly female audience at the O2 arena on May 3rd would witness the true face of a self-proclaimed “modern day feminist,” with the entire night feeling like a celebratory event for women.

The singer nodded towards the empowerment of women throughout her show, highlighting historic figures Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth I and Cleopatra. Who better to personify and embody such charismatic leaders in history than Beyonce? And just incase that wasn’t enough to place her back in feminist good books, what better than to begin her show surrounded by females as they stomped and sang the infamous words, “Who runs the world? Girls!”

Mrs. Carter was sure to also celebrate her marriage to music mogul Jay-Z with subliminal references towards his work; remixing “Diva” with G.O.O.D. Music track “Clique,” featuring the words ‘Racks on racks’ within the stage decoration as she performed hit song “Party,” as well as sampling “Got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain” into another performance during the night, from Jigga’s 2003 track “Public Service Announcement.”

During the intervals, where 20,000 spectators would watch the absolutely breathtaking videography created for the night, clips of her husband and their daughter, Blue Ivy, would flicker onto the screen, causing a roar from the darkness of the crowd.


The art direction throughout the concert was astonishing, and in some parts slightly otherworldly. From the creative clips used to entertain the audience as performers and Beyoncé changed costume, to the lighting and stage decoration – the lady is nothing short of a perfectionist, and her vision most certainly came to life on the night.

Of course a Beyoncé show is never without glamour, and this year the sex appeal had matured to a sophisticated level. Although costumes had been tweaked to cover Mrs. Carter up, the 31 year old dressed in corsets, flowing gowns and a purple catsuit number to enhance her natural beauty, seducing the crowd with her voice and her dance moves.

The interactivity from herself to her audience on the night was touching, as she sang back and forth with members of the front row, requested that the whole arena wished one lucky girl (who had flown all the way from Kuwait) a happy birthday, and the gentle pats and squeezes she would give to fans as she sang “Irreplaceable” – clearly grateful for her supporters, just as they were grateful for her music.

Being a Beyoncé fan has never been such a sure statement since watching her live. None of the tour DVDs [and I have them all!] or behind the scenes clips on YouTube could prepare me for such an entertaining night, finding myself smiling from ear to ear from start to finish.

A world class entertainer, leader and inspiration to all females. As her new song states, Beyonce really is a ‘grown woman’ who ‘can do whatever’ she wants. And her adoring fans are sure to follow her on her on the journey.