Benin City x GREEdS – ‘Baby Part 1’ | Music Video

Music and matters of the heart have been engaged in a timeless love affair for as long as anyone can remember. Romance and song have held hands, shared beds and flirted tirelessly for hundreds of years, growing to be virtually inseparable. Damn near every song ever created is about love and relationships. Add poetry to the mix and you have a heady threesome; a wordy, emotional polygamous marriage built on expression.

If Benin City‘s stirring “Baby” is a heartening example of the strains, pains and virtues of relationships set to music, GREEdS‘ poetic translation of the London quartet’s touching single is a lively display of the music of poetry.

GREEds, the British-Nigerian spoken word performer, crafts a stirring take on the Audio Doughnuts band’s song, enlivening it with his creative brand of linguistic fireworks and creating a fresh cut of his own.

GREEds’ stage name is an acronym for “Generating Rhymes to Engage the EnlighteneD Soul.”

Rhyming passionately over Benin City’s beautiful and moving “Baby,” the young poet does just that.