Behind-the-scenes of Wiz Khalifa’s Complex shoot [Video]

You’ve already seen the almost gravity defying poses Complex magazine had Wiz Khalifa doing for their October/November cover shoot, and now we get to go behind the scenes to see exactly how the end result was accomplished.

Taking a look at the cover shot in-the-making, we see Wiz Khalifa getting higher than he’s even been as he’s suspended by a harness in mid-air, trying to keep his balance while tip-toeing on top of a tightrope. During the shoot, Wiz sits down for a quick chat saying he defitinely prefers stunting over doing actual stunt work; as, “I’ve never had my balls squeezed up against my body like that.”

Speaking more about the music and his lifestyle he says, “I have fun and I do what’s natural; I try different things and I listen to a lot of different types of music. That’s what inspires me to incorporate different sounds and different patterns and arrangements… I work hard and I play hard. I’m about to go to the studio, make a couple songs, hit the club, go to sleep and then do it again. But pretty much every day is a work day.”

Watch below.