Baatin – “Helleven” (Unreleased Demo) | New Music

Renowned producer Wajeed has once again gone back into his vault to liberate yet another unreleased gem. “Helleven” is a demo track put together by the beatsmith and the late Baatin, one third of the original incarnation of Slum Village, with the hope that a then little known up and coming emcee by the name of Eminem would vocal the track. See below for the official word on the demo and the close relationship between Baatin and Wajeed,who incidentally designed the cover for Slum’s timeless Fantastic, Vol. 2 album. Rest In Peace… Baatin.

Baatin was the eldest of my friends. Born Titus Prentice Glover, we met in the 3rd grade at Courville elementary. I knew then he was a different type of dude.

There was a wedding I went to with my family – needless to say the the star of the show was little Titus. Swagged out in an all white suit, dancing and entertaining the crowd. A true showman since a young buck.

We lived around the corner from each other on the east side of Detroit, not to mention my grandmother and his mother we best friends. It was only right that we followed suit in the years to come. Brothers in music and confidants in family drama, we eventually formed a hip duo, I came up with the name H20 or Hard 2 Oppose. H20 joined Senepod. Senepod became Slum Village etc, etc.

After H20, we rarely revisited the idea of recording again. I’m not sure why but it never came up. One of the only times we sat down to work on music was just after we finished Slum Villages, Trinity. He asked me for tracks for his future project.  I sent him a beat idea and he later developed it into this demo called Helleven. He wanted to get Eminem on it at a later time.

I included it in a dedication mix I did for Ghostly a couple years ago.  It was called the The Eternal Mixtape.

Listen… Baatin – “Helleven” (Unreleased Demo):