Asante x Atu – “Prototype (SanteJazz Remix)” | New Music


Electronic producer Atu has teamed up with singer Asante to create a stellar remix of the Outkast track “Prototype” as part of a trilogy of remixes to be released on Trifecta: The SanteJazz Remix Series which will be available next week.

Atu and Asante remix the melodic Andre 3000 track by completely altering the arrangement and groove. Gone is the squelchy bassline and André 3000’s falsetto top-line delivery, instead the song begins with an ambient and calming synth-build before slowly melding into a majestic wash of Asante’s vocals. The arrangement initially feels muffled and out of reach, akin to the recent work of virtuoso bassist Thundercat through its prioritising of the vocal line. Two thirds through the track, though, Atu shows his true skill as a producer, effortlessly introducing a weighty drum beat and bassline which hark back to the original and which grab your attention as the track plays out leaving you wanting more.

“Prototype (SanteJazz Remix)” is a perfect showcase of the production and instrumental talents of the up-and-coming artists and bodes well for further releases if they can even somewhat match the originality and talent of this one.