Asante – Trifecta: The SanteJazz Remix Series [EP] | Stream


Following the release of the Outkast remix “Prototype” last month, producer and singer-songwriter Asante has just released a set of six new tracks and remix productions under the SanteJazz Remix Series title.

The compilation EP features guest spots from the likes of nocturnal producer Atu and Sa-Ra member Om’Mas Keith who contribute to reworkings of original tracks “Suit & Tie” by Justin Timberlake, “IFHY” by Tyler, The Creator and “Prototype” by Outkast. Opening with a synth-layered, cosmic intro of interlinking textures and beats, the EP then moves on to a vocal-led remix of “Suit & Tie” which showcases Asante’s versatility on the production front, turning the up-beat track into a grooving slow jam full of Neptunes-style cowbells and percussion.

“IFLY” continues the electro-hip-hop feel of the remix series, taking on a shuffling beat and warped synth lines that sit comfortably under Asante’s own soulful vocal delivery that provides an interesting counterpoint to Tyler’s low-frequency, aggressive tones on the original. Ending with the ethereal, falsetto-heavy “Prototype” which features some serious groove-wrangling from Atu, The SanteJazz Remix Series is a welcome and understated showcase of collaborative talent from a set of up-and-coming musicians and producers who have combined their talents to create an original set of work under the leadership of Asante. Take a listen below: