AraabMUZIK – “Never Have To Worry” | New Music

araabmusik The Prince Is Coming

AraabMUZIK‘s newest audio assault is upon us, and like the last leak “The Prince Is Coming,” it is a heavy hitter. “Never Have To Worry” is likely the last release we’ll hear before For Professional Use Only drops on 15 February and it’s a great teaser for the project.

Drums, synths and bass are on heavy blast for this beat whilst a vocal sample loops through the mix. The breakdown is muted and atmospheric before banging back into head-nod territory. There aren’t many producers this versatile left in hip-hop as this sounds like a complete departure from the first release yet is still just as cinematic.

Have a listen to the banger below and get ready for the full release of For Professional Use Only this Friday.

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