Angie Stone – Unexpected [Album Review]


“I don’t care what people think about me. And I don’t care what people say about me. To all of my haters, yet still I rise and I want to thank you ‘cause I recognize without you I wouldn’t be relevant, because of you I know I’m heaven sent…”
Angie Stone (“I don’t Care”)

Since 1999, Angie Stone has consistently delivered material that has been full of soul, inspiration and empowerment.  Ms. Stone has also managed to be very innovative and unique with her sound – and right when we thought we could box her in and we’ve figured her out, she does it again.  Indeed, Angie Stone does it again with her fifth studio album entitled Unexpected, released November 23, 2009.

This album delivers the classic sounds that we have grown to love and know as Angie Stone, while at the same time deliver something that is indeed Unexpected. There are some artists that find it difficult to reinvent themselves after being in the game for so long; however Angie Stone has managed to deliver material that is up to date, relevant and fresh while still preserving the soul that we appreciate.

Unexpected is very well put together musically, the production is impeccable and her display of her vocal range is angelic. Lyrically, Unexpected takes us on the journey through the joys and pains of love that comes with relationships. And as much as we want love and want our relationships to grow, Angie has made it clear that we cannot make it on a “Maybe”. We all desire our relationships to go from ‘maybe’ to ‘sure’. Once there, we can get into some grown folk business and “Kiss All Over Your Body”.

Angie Stone is known for giving honor where honor is due. One of the most unsung heroes in the music industry is the DJ, so with “Hey Mr. DJ” Angie salutes all the DJs around the world.

Unexpected is another inspiring and empowering piece of art from Angie Stone – one that shows she is not afraid to evolve and is not afraid of a challenge.

Reviewed by Vaughan Jackson

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