Angel Haze Says ‘F**k You’ To Her Label & Leaks Debut Album

Angel haze Dirty Gold

Leaks come hand in hand with nearly every major record release these days, it doesn’t matter if you’re Kanye West or making your first track with Fruity Loops on your Mum’s Dell; a shifty engineer or a thirsty iTunes exec somewhere is gonna get hold of it.

Following in Death Gripsinfamous footsteps of leaking their own album, Angel Haze erupted today as she too had some choice words for her record label which concluded in an expedited release of her debut album Dirty Gold.

After (literally) sending a big old ‘fuck you’ to her label – Island/Republic Records – Angel’s SoundCloud account received the highly anticipated LP to the delight of her fans before being quickly removed a whole three months before the intended release date.

Whether Haze had a change of heart or the label stepped in, we can all agree that the damage has been done as the ripped version now floats freely around the Internet. Mission accomplished? Well, if Death Grips are anything to go by Island/Republic Records could be missing a promising artist of their roster very soon.

Check out what Angel Haze had to say down below.