Andre 3000 discusses working with T.I., Frank Ocean, future of OutKast + more [Video]

Andre 3000 recently sat down with FUSE to give a rare interview, and spoke about a number of issues which related to his own career and to the wider hip hop community.

First of all Three Stacks spoke about his appearance on T.I.‘s upcoming Trouble Man single “Sorry.” He commented that the collaboration had been on the books for a long time, but that it was a case of waiting for the right record, and dispelled comments to do with him “shitting on” T.I.’s track, mentioning how it was the quality and maturity of Tip’s verses which inspired him to pen his lyrics in the first place.

Of course, FUSE asked the OutKast man about his former partner Big Boi, whose second solo album is now complete, and the chances of an OutKast reunion. Three Stacks explained how his friend had played him songs from the new album, Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumours, and said he was “proud” of Big Boi for striking out on his own, before telling fans not to believe Internet rumours relating to a prospective OutKast record. In his own words, “don’t believe anything about OutKast until we say it.”

On the subject of collaborations, musical and other, ‘Dre spoke about his respect for Frank Ocean, with whom he appeared on Channel Orange‘s “Pink Matter,” and also shared some words to do with Gillette’s Movember Movement. Watch and listen to the wise words of Benjamin Andre below.