Amy Winehouse Lyrics Found in a London Rubbish Bin

Song lyrics and musings written by Amy Winehouse during her teenage years have been found in a rubbish bin in north London.

Excerpts from the Back To Black singer’s personal diary back in 2001 – when she would’ve been 18 – include an entry entitled: “When I do a record deal…” where she writes a wish-list including, “Buy flat in London, buy car, get gym membership, buy a gym membership to put in my flat,” and to live “like the bombshell I really am”.

She wrote ‘Amy’s Songs’ on the front of a red notebook with penned lyrics such as, “I’m digging myself into a hole/These days I’ll just work when once I had so much soul.”

She also scrawled lyrics amid English Literature A-level coursework, reports The Sun.

via NME