Amy Winehouse blood painting sells for £35k | News

A painting created with human blood, some of which belonged to late singer Amy Winehouse, sold for £35,000 (approx. $56,000) Friday at an auction organized by rocker Pete Doherty. The selling price is far less than what the painting was anticipated to fetch.

The painting, entitled “Ladylike,” is purported to be a depiction of Doherty’s one-time band The Libertines created partially with Doherty’s blood. Next to the band in the piece is a small picture of a woman’s head beside the word “ladylike,” which Doherty says is a self-portrait by Winehouse painted in the singer’s own blood before her death.

The bloody artwork was expected to pull in around £50,000-£80,000 at the London auction but failed to meet that estimate. A representative from the gallery that hosted the auction says the piece was never intended to be sold but was added to the sale by the painting’s owner. Though “Ladylike” was made partially with Doherty’s blood, the 33-year-old did not own the painting.

The painting was sold alongside several of Doherty’s personal items and trinkets as well as more of his blood-based pieces of art that were displayed during his 10-day exhibition “On Blood: A Portrait of the Artist.” Items included used guitars, furniture, performance-worn jackets, handwritten lyrics spattered with or written in blood and more.

The official release for the Doherty auction says the rocker’s macabre creations are “driven by a desire to spurn convention in favour of a bohemian ideal.” A portion of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation.