Alicia Keys debuts Reebok commercial + behind the scenes footage [Video]

It was a mere few days ago that we brought you designs from singer Alicia Keys‘ new collaboration with Reebok, but unlike most of their celeb partnerships, Reebok seem to have pulled out all the stops on this one by shooting a commercial to show off the new designs. The ad was aired during the MTV VMAs show Thursday night, where Keys also performed new single “Girl on Fire.”

The commercial, directed by Samuel Bayer, is, of course, set in the singer’s hometown of New York and sees her taking on a rougher edge by swinging some punches and rocking out on a roof while other shots see ballet dancing in Times Square, cello playing on a crowded street and girls playing on an outdoor basketball court.

Speaking behind the scenes on the set of the ad, Keys explains why this was such a natural move for her to make. “I’m really a sneaker girl,” she says. “So now here I am and I’m able to do this really cool shoot with Reebok. I was able to design these four or five packages of shoes. They’re all different versions of my favourite sneakers.”

Todd Krinsky, VP of Reebok Lifestyle and Entertainment, also spoke about how perfect the collaboration was: “As it relates to [Keys] being a part of the Classics campaign, she fits perfectly. She’s timeless. She told us stories of growing up [wearing] the Freestyles in New York.”