Alex Mills – I Am She | Album Freeload

I first stumbled upon Leeds lass Alex Mills two years ago, searching for Witty Boy’s “Beyond Words” (which she vocalled). Exploring her myspace, I found out how musically diverse she is. While signed to Chris Blackwell‘s (Bob Marley‘s manager) now-defunct indie label, Brownpunk, Alex completed much of her debut album, I Am She but lost rights to it when the label folded.

Now the songstress is working on an album and under new management. Recently regaining the rights to the two-year-old record, Alex decided to release it via her twitter for free. The 10-track download was produced by Danny Weed and DJ Target (with a bonus track by Wiley) and definitely deserves a spot on your iPod.

Her rich, raspy tones dance over horn and saxophone fused instrumentation, while lyrically she goes beyond the realms of love, broaching things like narcotic and liquid vices on “Gin & Tonic” and going ‘tit-for-tat’ in a destructive relationship (“Touche”) in a frank manner that’s likely to garner her a few Amy Winehouse comparisons.

I’m not sure what her new direction is going to be, but if I Am She and her recent A64 is anything to go by she’s definitely one to watch.


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