AFTA-1 – “Petal Movement Slow” | New Music

I understand why producers can get a little ticked when any old rapper stumbles across one of their musical concoctions and takes it for a joyride. With pulsing, interwoven rhythms and melodic transitions to lose your thoughts in, instrumentals like this need no wordplay. So, a gift from the inbox shared:

“In the light of countless beautiful new developments in my life. I felt it the righteous time to share some sounds that I have been holding on to for exactly a moment like this,” writes West Coast, left field producer AFTA-1, describing the attached mp3 “Petal Movement Slow” as “a (Be)ta version, available only for a brief moment.. Part of a special collection of songs to come.”

AFTA-1 – “Petal Movement Slow”:

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