Ab-Soul – “Only 1” | New Music

If there’s one new track you listen to this week, make sure it’s this freebie from TDE’s Ab-Soul, titled “Only 1”.

The new track, produced by in-house Digi-Phonics beatmaker Willie B, sees Soul announce himself not just as a lyricist, but a force of nature, reigning supreme over rip-roaring production. Armed with punchlines and heading one of the most powerful crews of the new decade, he proclaims that he “ain’t the Black Lip Bastard” no more, and says he won’t tolerate Shyne‘s slights with regard to his team-mate Kendrick Lamar.

Listen to those final lines: “Life’s a bitch with STDs and I just hit/The next 10 years is TDEs/I got dough but I used to shine po’/unlike Shyne po’/cos now Shyne po’ aint Shyne shine no more/that’s how it goes when your cons outweighing your pros/I got three eyes, two lungs for the OG but only one…”

Whilst I work out exactly what that means, listen and download below: