A$AP Rocky talks fights, fashion, lifestyle + more [Video]

A$AP Rocky recently sat down with Press Pause TV to talk about a number of things including his debut album, the A$AP Mob album, his fashion taste, getting his watch snatched in London (and the subsequent ass-kicking the sticky-fingered audience member caught) and more.

About the watch-snatching-turned-ass-whoopin’ incident, Rocky explains it thusly:

“Basically, in London some fuckin’ lil’ wise guy or thievin’-ass kid — I don’t even know how he look — decided to snatch and try to run off with my watch. I was in the crowd…and these girls were grabbin’ my arm and hand or whatever. When I was lookin’ away I just felt the watch kinda come off. … I get back on stage and next thing I know, Trapstar my security and Twelvy was beatin’ the kid up and got my watch back.”

Simple enough, right?

When it comes to his debut album, Rocky lists Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and Pharrell among the features, as well as “a couple other surprises” that he just wasn’t ready to divulge just yet.

Catch the interview in full below.

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