50 Cent – “United Nations” | Music Video

I thought by now rappers would have found new heights for expressing their wealth. Sure you have a fancy car, watch and chain, but so can we all with the right monthly price plans. Is that shiny car you’re riding [and promoting] really, really yours? Hope you’ve got a nice mutually beneficial endorsement there, Maybach mates, or they’re still winning. You can make your own headphones. How about making your own car? Bring on the Yeezymobiles and Jiggavans.

Still on that basic level, complete with plugs aplenty for his ‘SMS Audio’ headphone range, 50 Cent takes a break from the fast lane to pose aside a matching navy Bentley in the official video for “United Nations,” taken from his mixtape 5 (Murder By Numbers).

In other news, 50’s new single “My Life,” featuring Eminem and Adam Levine, debuts on Tuesday (Nov. 27) whilst his upcoming album, Street King Immortal [energy drink plug there] is anticipated for release next year.

Cent-cycle anyone?