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Another day, another lawsuit over uncleared samples.

This time, its 50 Cent playing the role of “defendant.” The G-Unit general is being sued for $600,000 plus statutory and punitive damages over a sample plaintiffs allege was used without payment or permission.

The suit was filed by Robert Poindexter, a member of 1970s American vocal group The Persuaders. Poindexter claims Fif’s song “Redrum (Murder),” a standout track from his impressive 2009 mixtape War Angel, contains an uncleared sample of The Persuaders’ song “Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)” from their 1972 album Thin Line Between Love and Hate. “Redrum (Murder)” was produced by Insomniac Music.

While Fif’s people don’t deny that the sample appears in the song, they contend that since the song was for a free project that they are not liable for any damages. Poindexter’s representation reportedly calls this contention “frivolous and immaterial.”

If you’re getting that weird déjà vu feeling over this case, there’s good reason. Poindexter recently sued Kanye West for $500,000 over a sample used in the mixtape version of his “Girls, Girls, Girls (Remix).” Despite that sample also appearing on a free release, Poindexter’s complaint in that case said West was liable because he used the recording “to commercially advertise and sell” other products. That same line of thinking could be at play here, as the War Angel mixtape was released just before Fif’s last studio album, the gold-certified Before I Self Destruct.

Let’s see if Fif’s money can make his lawyers make this go away like he rapped on another of his free releases, 2009’s The Undertaker mixtape.
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