Poet Taalam Acey Evalutes Dr. Laura’s N-Word Rant & Violent Culture In Baltimore [Video]

Popular New Jersey poet Taalam Acey gives his views on the use of the N-word – and Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s controversial repeated use of it in a recent rant – in the video below.

He also talks about the “violent culture” in the city of Baltimore, pointing his attention to possible reasons for the increase in crime: politics.

“It’s not something that politicians control particularly, because politicians generally just say what they have to say in order to get elected and then once they get elected, they may not say anything or do anything positive until it’s time to get elected again – and people already know that.

“So I don’t know that politicians can change it. They’re not gonna put money into the community, they’re not going to change the economic situation that’s happening in poor neighbourhoods, it’s not really gonna happen – not in any significant way. They’ll give it lip-service – but they don’t even have the funds. They don’t have access to the funds unless it comes thought federal government; and when it comes to inner-cities the federal government isn’t equipped to dole out those funds.”

“As long as our economic situation is what it is, all we can do as entertainers is try to enlighten people, try to edify people as to what’s going on, and try to keep them from falling in that trap because… the government also makes money when all of these ‘violent criminals’ so-to-speak end up in prison.”

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