M.I.A. talks creative ventures, journey through art in PAPER magazine cover story

She’s the rebel with a definite cause; music artist, designer and all-round creative M.I.A. is taking a slight backseat from the music momentarily to showcase some of her artistic designs from over the years with a new coffee-table book as well as an art exhibit taking place in India. PAPER magazine took opportunity to catch up with the eclectic star to talk more in depth about her creativity and her journey through art.

The reasoning behind her creative book was simply to give a timeline through her art pieces, rather than words, to depict how everything came about. She explains; “Even though kids embraced [my art], and people started making crappy fashion GIFs on the computer and disgusting websites and wearing weird leggings, there never was a place where people could go to be like, ‘This is where it came from.'”

Filmmaker, collaborator and old friend from film school Steve Loveridge also adds to the interview explaining M.I.A.’s work ethic. “Maya works in single sessions of activity. There’s no coming back tomorrow to rethink it, or add final touches. I think it’s symptomatic of the environment she grew up in as a child. She works as if the computer or the camera might not be there tomorrow. There’s a real sense of urgency to get the idea out there before the opportunity is snatched away from her.”

In probably the best description given of the, at times, rebellious and outspoken artist, Loveridge goes on to say, “Maya breaks rules, and I think people celebrate that and get really excited, until she breaks one of theirs.”

You can check out the predictably original fashion shoot below, and head over to PAPERMAG to read the full interview.