Karrine “Superhead” Steffans’ new book, SatisFaction, due in August

Former Hip Hop video vixen and author of three New York Times Best Sellers – Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has announced the official release date for her new book and second in the series of her “vixen manuals” titled SatisFaction: Erotic Fantasies for the Advanced & Adventurous Couple.

That release date is August 10, 2011 – and a brief synopsis of Ms. Steffans’ fourth book via Karinne.com can be read below.

“This extension of The Vixen Manual‘s coveted ‘Sex’ chapter explores the concept that erotic fantasies can and should be satisfied within the parameters of a committed, monogamous relationship. Unlike the author’s previous books, SatisFaction is a work of “faction”, fact and fiction, hence the title’s double entendre.

The reader will be whisked away, into each chapter’s titillating erotic fiction, then enlightened by the chapter’s scintillating examples of how to make each erotic fantasy a reality. For those who crave quite a bit more than missionary sexual practices and wish to introduce these ideas into their relationship, SatisFaction serves as a guide and as inspiration to advanced and adventurous couples everywhere. “

In addition to the brief synopsis above and in true “Superhead” fashion, Karrine Steffans has also released a (Not Entirely Suitable For Work) “trailer” for her new book Satisfaction:

Satisfaction is scheduled for release on August 10, 2011.