Dean Atta secures publishing deal for poetry collection | Books News

It was only a few weeks ago that we were telling you about the release of acclaimed poet Dean Atta‘s free EP Love or Money. He received a lot of love for his poetry EP, including a review by MTV, and now it looks like he’s got the money aspect sorted too!

Atta successfully negotiated a publishing deal with Saqi Books imprint The Westbourne Press for his collection I am Nobody’s Nigger, due to be released on 1st March 2013.

Publisher Lynn Gaspard shared a few words on the upcoming release and author, saying, “The collection will include hard-hitting poems about life in London and more intimate poems about love and sexuality. Dean is a brave writer and I am very proud to be his publisher.”

Considering that Atta also won the London Poetry Award for 2012, I’d say he’s having a pretty good year. He’s now one to watch for 2013!

See, who said you had to have “Love OR Money“? Clearly Dean Atta has obtained both!