Kim Dotcom says music service Megabox will launch this year | Tech News

After giving us a peek at his new music and discovery service Megabox back in June, embattled tech mogul Kim Dotcom took to his Twitter account Sunday to “promise” that the service would be up and running before year’s end.

At least we assume he was referring to Megabox.

Hours after sending the above tweet, Dotcom retweeted a story from The Next Web touting the Megabox launch and then tweeted the following:

If not Megabox, what, exactly, Dotcom was referring to in the initial tweet is unclear. TNW speculates that he was speaking of Megaupload’s return, or that, perhaps, he has another, as-yet-undisclosed service up his sleeve.

Whatever the case, Dotcom says that Megabox’s launch will “unchain” music artists by allowing them to sell their music to consumers without the need of a third-party middleman while also earning money from free downloads. TNW reports that Dotcom explained last year in a guest post for Torrent Freak that Megabox’s business model will compete with conglomerates like Universal Music Group by allowing artists to keep up to 90% of their earnings, and that they plan to reach “exclusive deals with artists who are eager to depart from outdated business models.”

Dotcom remains on house arrest in New Zealand after a raid on his home earlier this year.