Waka Flocka Flame stars in new PETA Ad [Video]

When a certain rapper with the world’s most onomatopoeic name – Waka Flocka Flame – rapped “I’ma rob, I’ma rob, I’ma steal, I’ma steal, I’ma kill, I’ma kill, for my motherf**king dawgs” on the aptly titled “For My Dawgs”, very few would have guessed that the Georgia rapper literally meant his dogs, being passionately opposed to animal cruelty.

While the Brick Squad wild boy might not actually resort to violence to protect his pets, he is a vocal advocate of animal rights, taking up arms in the fight against breedism.

Teaming up with PETA, Flocka will be playing a significant role in the organisation’s upcoming ad campaign against animal cruelty, having posed nude last year for the organisation’s “Ink, not Mink” promotional push. As the video below shows, Flocka really is about his dogs.