Nas Serves Christmas Dinner To Families Affected By HIV/AIDS

Yesterday (22nd December) rapper Nas spent his evening in Harlem with families affected by HIV/AIDS, at music industry professional turned activist Maria Davis‘ Christmas dinner event.

“This event is Maria Davis’ thing. She’s HIV-positive, a part of the community of Harlem, so she does her thing for [the] holiday season for the people who are infected by AIDS or affected by AIDS,” Nas explained to MTV News. “I came through [on the] strength of her friend Melba, who owns Melba’s Restaurant — great soul food on 114th street here in Harlem. She called me [and] I came through just for the support.”

The Queens’ MC was keen to offer a helping hand, explaining that, regardless of his status, helping the community is still an intrinsic part of him. “For me, it’s like I can’t get away from the community. The community is in me so giving back is important.”

He also speaks about the social stigma of HIV and AIDS, and the importance about learning about the illness.