Michael Jackson statue unveiled at Fulham FC in London

A large statue (7 foot 6 reportedly) of the late great Michael Jackson was recently (April 3) unveiled at Craven Cottage in London – the stadium of English Premiership football club Fulham FC – by Egyptian club chairman and owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who was also a longtime friend of Michael Jackson.

The unveiling has been met with huge disquiet and unrest amongst both Fulham fans, who believe that a statue of “a controversial American popstar” who has little to no links whatsoever to Fulham FC (asides a visit to the club in 2009) should not be at their stadium; and Michael Jackson fans, who believe that the Craven Cottage stadium would be the least befitting place to home a statue of the “King of Pop” and preserve his legacy.

The statue’s brainchild Al Fayed on the other hand, has been quoted as telling fans of Fulham football club that they can “go to hell” if they disapprove or do not appreciate the Michael Jackson statue being at their stadium.

You can witness the unveiling below.

So what do you think? Granted it’s bizzare but it’s his club and he’s done a whole lot for that club if we’re being honest – but does that then mean he can do whatever pleases him? Well if the good Russian billionaire over at Stanford Bridge can buy players seemingly on a whim to “please” himself and we don’t mind, why do we then mind when Al Fayed does the same thing albeit on a much larger scale it has to be said? I don’t know how I feel about it, I might have to go see it first but yeah, what do you think?

[Source: The Guardian]