Cee Lo Green launches GreenHouse Foundation | News

Grammy-winning singer, heralded MC and popular television personality Cee Lo Green looks to add “protector of the environment” to his long list of titles with the launch of the GreenHouse Foundation, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to help make “green education” more accessible and to “educate, inspire and influence school-aged children in disadvantaged areas to become responsible stewards of their environment, communities and future.”

Cofounded by Green and his sister Shedonna Alexander, GreenHouse’s first initiative is the “Green Garden Education Program,” through which the foundation will construct outdoor gardens on school campuses and begin teaching children the importance being “green.”

“The Green Garden program will use outdoor gardening as an innovative tool to teach math and science. It will allow students to experience a new approach to ‘green education,'” Alexander states in the official press release.

“Through the Green Garden Education Program, the GreenHouse Foundation is supporting schools with the tools, curriculum, and resources necessary to create and maintain an outdoor ‘teaching garden,’” Green adds. “With the garden as the primary focus, children will learn the fundamentals of gardening along with the health and environmental benefits of growing their own produce. Children will also learn how to start and manage their own school farmers market.”

But that’s not where the Earth-saving efforts end. GreenHouse also has plans to launch “The School Waste Diversion Initiative,” whose aim is provide schools with waste receptacles to divert non-biodegradable waste from local landfills; the “Clean Atlanta Green Day,” which will rally the city’s businesses, schools and public officials each year on Earth Day to clean up the city; as well as other green enterprises. There are also long-term plans to create a “Green Collar” career development and training program and a pair of scholarship programs to ensure that the seeds planted in today’s youth continue to grow as they blossom into adults.

“We are committed to the mission to empower children with the knowledge, attitude and desire to positively influence their futures, their communities and the long-term sustainability of their planet,” Alexander says in the release.

The GreenHouse Foundation will launch officially on August 17th with the dedication of the first “teaching GreenHouse” on the campus of the Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy, where Green attended elementary school.

For more details on the GreenHouse Foundation and its initiatives, visit GHFoundation.org.

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