BBC, International Olympic Committee reach agreement on radio ban | News

After listeners outside of the UK had suddenly been restricted from certain radio shows which they’d previously had no problem streaming, the BBC and the International Olympic Committee have reached an agreement lifting the ban and allowing the majority the programs to be streamed.

With the Summer Games under way in London, shows including Radio 4’s popular Today Programme and Radio 2’s The Chris Evans Breakfast Show are being broadcast from inside the Olympic park, and since the IOC holds the international broadcast rights to all media inside of Olympic venues, access to the shows by fans outside of the host nation was prohibited.

Fortunately for those fans, the ban was partially lifted following discussions between the BBC and IOC, with only programs containing a substantial amount of Olympics content now being subject to restriction. In some cases, BBC News reports, when only segments of a show are broadcast from an Olympic site, those segments may be blocked to international audiences while the remainder of the show still being accessible.

When a segment or entire show is blocked, a recorded message will notify listeners of the rights restrictions.