Robin Gibb’s son: ‘It wasn’t the cancer that killed my father’ | News

Contrary to widespread reports, the death of Robin Gibb, founding member of legendary musical trio the Bee Gees, was not caused by colon or liver cancer, according to the singer’s son.

“It wasn’t the cancer that killed my father; those reports are wrong,” Robin-John Gibb, 29, explained to the UK’s Daily Express. “Dad had actually gone into remission and the cancer was completely unrecognisable, it was too small to detect. No scan could see it. He actually died of kidney failure.”

Gibb detailed his father’s last days to the Express, revealing that the consultants at the hospital’s Critical Care Unit and his primary caregivers had different opinions on how he should be treated.

“The CCU staff started treating him palliatively while his main doctors wanted to reduce all the sedative medications so he could fight,” he explained.

“In the end the decisions were made by CCU. I wanted dialysis and CPR. They said it was futile because he was a Stage 4 cancer patient,” he added. “I can’t count how many times I’d been told that it would be a futile procedure because he had Stage 4 cancer and he wouldn’t make it. Yet he always came back.

“Three days before, he was sitting up and watching DVDs and then suddenly he had a seizure. He was then dosed with sedatives to deal with the side effects of his chemotherapy and his liver just couldn’t process them.

“He deteriorated to the point where it started to affect his kidneys as well.

“Basically my father died of kidney and liver failure. It was a really sudden downturn.”

Gibb said that his father always wanted them to “try everything, no matter how futile it may seem.”

Robin Gibb died at 10:46 PM on Sunday, May 20, 2012. He was 62.

“He wanted to live. I was so disheartened,” the younger Gibb said. “We watched him go and told him we loved him.”

A memorial service for Robin Gibb is scheduled for September.