Trey Songz showcases Chapter V in London | Album Preview

In the plush surrounds of private members club Home House in London, we eagerly await the opportunity to have one of the first public listens of Trey Songz‘ upcoming album, Chapter V.

Surrounded by draped walls, sumptuous textures, moody lighting and Trey Songz etched on the mirrors making sure that everyone – including the neighbours – know his name, following a brief introduction Mr ‘Steal Yo Girl’ sat down with the intimate crowd of no more than 30, and made us feel at home.

Dressed casually in all black everything, Trey oozes confidence and effortlessly commanded the attention of everyone in the room. Conscious and engaging, it’d be easy to forget that Trey is only 27 years old and by many standards, even almost five albums in, a newbie.

What stands out when you listen to Trey speak, is his profound love for his music and his craft.

Referring to himself as a ‘marketing guru’ who sees the way he promotes himself as a business, he thanked everyone including Trey’s Angels, for actively promoting and believing in his work. Actively doing what other artists don’t and always up for trying something new, the listening party was a new experience that we were glad to share.

At the London event Songz introduced six tracks from the upcoming album, Chapter V. The first, his latest ‘Heart Attack,’ produced by Benny Blanco and written by Rico Love needs no introduction, but for those of you who haven’t seen/heard it, the video featuring the beautiful Kelly Rowland is below for your viewing pleasure.

There were a couple of club tracks; ‘Two Reasons’ featuring T.I. and ‘Ladies Go Wild,” which that Trey wrote in the middle of a crazy party that included poles, a bunch of guys, some girls and.. well, I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

The third track ‘Dive In’ is what Trey Songz does best – a sensual slow jam. Trey aptly described it as “the type of track that makes ladies want to take pictures of their legs in the bubble bath and put it on instagram”; you only have to hear the first verse to know that he’s probably right.

The remaining tracks, ‘Without a Woman’ and ‘Simply Amazing,’ arefeel good tracks for the ladies; ‘Without a Woman’ gives that classic Trey Songz vibe and feel and is an ode to woman and what it’d be like without us, did you expect anything less? Although a little different from his usual, ‘Simply Amazing’ has a clean, crisp feel and with lyrics like “She ain’t perfect, but she’s worth it,” this is sure to be amongst the faves.

We’re promised what Trey himself says is “essentially an R&B album,” with a splash of soul and a few club bangers. With no release date set, all we can do is wait patiently for Trey to bless us with his new masterpiece Chapter V – and from what we’ve heard so far, we’re in for a treat.

Chapter V is due for release Summer 2012.

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